Disabled and Unable to Work.

If you need help winning Social Security disability benefits, you’re probably hurting both physically and financially. The disability attorneys at Harder, Wells, Baron and Manning want to help guide you through the complicated Social Security Disability processes and get you the benefits you deserve.

Over 40 years of experience serving the residents of Oregon.

Disabled residents of Oregon often experience many challenges.  Not only do you have to face discrimination from the people around you, you struggle with physical limitations and/or emotional stress.  We know the day-to-day struggle that you face, and that’s why we are committed to getting you the help you deserve.  We have decades of experience winning Social Security Disability benefits across Oregon.  With offices in Eugene, Albany, Roseburg and Coos Bay, our disability attorneys have an expert knowledge of the local Social Security Disability process, and know what it takes to win you disability aid.

We can help you with each step of the process.

Whether you need assistance with applying for benefits, or appealing a denied claim, our experienced attorneys are here to help ensure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

What does it cost?

We don’t charge you any legal fees, unless you win. The most we will ever charge is 25% of your past due benefits plus the costs to obtain any medical records on your behalf.

Have More Questions?

Read our Social Security Disability FAQ section in order to get answers about your Disability Benefits claim.  Then, contact our office to schedule a free consultation of your disability benefits claim. There is nothing to lose — contact us today to discuss your situation.